Identity Theft Awareness
Defend yourself with knowledge, awareness, and detection.
Book the real Danny Lents to speak to your group about identity theft.

ID Theft Speaker

Almost 10 million Americans become victims of identity theft each year. I became a victim in 2001. I've researched identity theft extensively to protect myself and help others. I want to help you avoid this nightmare.

Your odds of becoming a victim are greatly reduced with knowledge, awareness, and detection. Take action now to avoid becoming the next identity theft victim.

Book the real Danny Lents to speak to your group about identity theft:

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Consumers Must Demand Data Protection From Business

Consumers have the power to influence change in the market place. It's time we demand protection of our personal and sensitive data to reduce vulnerability to identity theft.

Identities have become the currency of the Information Age. Identity thieves are well aware of the potential for financial gain at your expense. They're addicted to the "buy now pay never" plan.

Some businesses collect too much of our personal information and they make it too easy for thieves to use stolen identities. This has to change. Businesses will react to customer desires because they depend on customer satisfaction for repeat business. Let them know that data protection influences where you shop.

Consumers Are Solution Partners

I am very pleased when a cashier asks for identification to verify a credit card purchase. I'm even more impressed when an actual comparison of photo and signature are made. It surprises me when customers seem annoyed to provide the requested identification.

We have to do our part in making it difficult for identity thieves to make purchases using our credit. The following simple ideas regarding credit card purchases are a good start.

  • Express your appreciation when a business asks for identification.
  • Make a written complaint to the management chain when identification is not requested or properly verified.
  • Let management know that you will move your business if credit card purchases are not verified.
  • Give management good examples of identification checks employed by their competitors

Why Do You Want My Information?

My wife walks away when someone requests my social security number. She knows it's going to be a scene because I'll refuse and demand to know why the business needs such sensitive information. I usually start to give the majority of my one hour identity theft seminar and request to speak to the manager.

There are very few instances where your social security number is required. Many times the management response is "It has always been done this way" or "It's an old form". Let them know that you are disturbed about their willingness to put you at risk. One of the great things about America is that there is another business down the street that will want your business. Look for one that knows the importance of protecting customer data. Be willing to walk away if you aren't satisfied with management response to your concerns.

We can make a change.